Pairing your Bluetooth Card Reader (iOS)

Follow the steps below to pair your Bluetooth EMV-compatible card reader to your iPad or iPhone.


Step 1:  Press and hold the black power button on the side of your Bluetooth card reader to power it on.

Step 2:  Login to the Mobile Market+ Select app.

Step 3:  Tap Settings to view the settings menu.

Step 4:  Tap Transaction Settings


Step 5:  Tap Card Reader:


The blue font indicates Chipper BT is the currently selected reader type.  The red dot in the upper-right corner of the label indicates that no reader is currently paired:


Step 6:  Tap the Configure button to summon the Chipper BT pairing overlay:


Step 7:  Tap the arrow on the right side of the Name field to begin pairing:


Step 8:  After a few moments, your card reader's serial number will appear under Scanned Devices.  Tap the serial number to pair:


When pairing is complete, a blue check will appear to the right of your reader's serial number, and you will be taken back to the pairing overlay.

Step 9:  Confirm that your Bluetooth card reader's serial number now appears on the Name label.  Tap Done to dismiss the pairing overlay:


Step 10:  Confirm the dot in the upper-right corner of the Chipper BT label is green.  This indicates that your Bluetooth card reader is now paired and connected to your device:


Congratulations!  Your Bluetooth reader is now paired, and you can also view important reader information, such as its current battery percentage, by tapping the Information button:


If you are unable to complete the pairing steps or if you need further assistance with the pairing process, please contact our Help Desk at 888-377-7884. You can also post any comments or questions to the BT Reader Beta Group.

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