How to select your card reader in the MM+ Select app Settings

Learn how to select your card reader in the Mobile Market+ Select app's card reader settings.

Please note these steps pertain to card readers with a headphone connector.  Click here to learn how to setup your Bluetooth card reader.

Please follow the steps below to setup your card reader for use with the Mobile Market+ Select app:

Step 1:  Connect your card reader to your mobile device's headphone jack.

Step 2:  Tap the Mobile Market+ Select app icon to open it.

Step 3:  Login to the Mobile Market+ Select app.

Step 4:  Tap Settings


Step 5:  Tap Config Summary


Step 6:  Tap Card Reader


Step 7:  Tap the label that depicts your card reader.  In this example, we are using the Chipper 2.0:


Step 8:  Confirm that your card reader is recognized




Get more help

If you are unable to complete the steps listed above, please contact our Help Desk for further assistance.

Phone:  (888) 377-7884



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