How to Setup and Pair your Woosim P241 Bluetooth Printer

Before you start.

1.Place battery in printer.


2.Insert the battery charger cable into the printer’s power inlet for charging.


3.Load paper in printer.

a. Put your finger on the switch, and then open and raise the printer cover.


b. Load the paper roll in the orientation shown in the figure below, and then pull the end of the roll straight toward you.


c. Press down on both sides of the printer cover to close it firmly.

When you close the printer cover, make sure that it is closed on both sides.

d. Use the tear bar to cut the extra paper.


Pairing to your Phone or Tablet

1.Press and hold the POWER button to turn on the Bluetooth printer. (You’ll hear a tri-tone beep.)


2.On your phone or tablet tap SETTING Sand set Bluetooth On.


3.Tap the device called WOOSIM.

4.You will be prompted for a PIN enter 1234 and tap Pair.


5.The status message will change to CONNECTED. Once the pairing process completes and the Bluetooth light on the printer will also be on.


6.If pairing fails, turn Bluetooth OFF in your device settings, and then turn the printer OFF; wait a few seconds and repeat steps 1-5.


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