Help! I'm unable to complete SNAP transactions because the "Next" button will not light up


To see a video on how to fix this issue, click here.

When processing a SNAP transaction, take a look at the card that is being processed. It is common that cards from the state of New York have different numbers of digits depending on how old the card is. 

To protect against fraud, our developers put in a safe guard that keeps a card from going through that has the incorrect number of digits. However, because this safe guard is in place, it may interfere with processing New York State EBT cards. 

To override this safe guard:

  • Go to your settings within the app. 
  • Choose Config Summary from the Settings Menu.
  • Scroll down to Skip Luhn Check: Turn this button on. 

Once this button is on, you will be able to process SNAP/EBT cards from New York state successfully. 


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