Process a SNAP Purchase

Below are step by step instructions on how to process a SNAP transaction. 

To see a video showing how to process a SNAP transaction, click here


How to process a SNAP purchase:


1. First, click on the Mobile Market + application.


2. Next, enter your password and press the login button.


3. From the Transactions screen, choose the SNAP Purchase menu.


4. Swipe or enter the card number and press Next.


5. Have your customer enter their 4 digit pin number and press next.


6. Choose the correct merchant from the merchant menu.


7. Select the purchase amount menu and enter the purchase amount, and press done when finished.


8. Next press Submit.


9. Select Yes to process the snap transaction.


10. Choose Receipt to view the receipt. If your printer is set to Auto Print, a receipt for this transaction will automatically print. If your Auto print is turned off, press the blue receipt button. This will show you the receipt. Press send at the bottom of the screen to send the receipt to the printer, choose Printer, and the receipt will print out. Make sure you give a paper receipt for SNAP purchases EVERY TIME. This is a requirement for SNAP customers. 


11. Press send to send the customer a copy of the receipt through email or text message.


12. Press done when finished sending the receipt by text or email.


13. Press done when finished with the transaction. 


DONE! You are now ready to process your next transaction.


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