How to Download the MM+ app

Please click the following link to see a short video on How To Download MM+ App from Novo Dia Group on Vimeo, or just follow the directions below. 

You will need an apple ID to download the MM+app. You can create a free Apple ID by going here. 

Once you have your Apple ID, just click on the App Store on your home screen. 

In the search feature, type in "Mobile Market". A list will auto-populate with Mobile Market selections. Choose the one appropriate for you- if you are apart of the Michigan SNAP/EBT program, choose "MM+ Michigan", etc. 

Once you have selected the correct app, click on the box labeled "Free". 

It will turn into a box labeled "Install". Click on it again. 

The app will install on your phone. When it is done, the box is labeled "Open", your app is ready to be opened. Click on the box again. 

You will be taken to the app. It will ask you to authorize the app, using your Username, Password, and Activation code. 

To learn how to activate, click here.

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