What are the Cash Purchase and Cash Withdrawal options in the Transactions screen and how do those work?

Some customers may be eligible to receive a cash balance that is added to their EBT or SNAP card.  Customers may elect to utilize their cash benefits for purchases at the farmers market. 

A customer will ask the cashier or vender if they can use their cash balance, instead of the SNAP balance, and the vender has the option to process this transaction using the Cash Purchase option.

You will notice when you select the purchase amount for the Cash Balance, you have the option to select a Cash Back amount, which can be used if the customer asks for cash back with their purchase. It is entirely up to the vender whether or not they decide to offer cash back. 

The next option in the Transactions menu under Cash Purchase is Cash Withdrawal. This is simply how a customer is able to take cash out of their cash balance in their SNAP card. Again, it is totally up to the vender to offer Cash Withdrawals. Venders are under no obligation to offer this service. 

Although customers wanting to use their cash balance is a rare scenario, these transactions are allowed and can be processed as long as the customer has a sufficient cash benefit balance.  

The Cash Purchase and Cash Withdrawal are not what you use to process Debit cards, or to process cash. They are only for SNAP card customers that have that specific benefit. 


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