My Stylus Pen is lost/damaged. Can you send a new one?

The Stylus, or pen that is used to navigate your device screen is a free accessory that we have included in your equipment package, along with a waterproof shield and a phone case for your use. If these accessories become lost or damaged, or no longer work, we will not replace them. 

Our policy is to provide you with the initial setup you will need for your market free of charge, and any subsequent accessories are to be purchased at cost. 

However, the Stylus can be purchased at a number of common retail locations, such as Walmart or Staples for less than $4.00. Below are links to the websites where you can order a Stylus:

From Walmart:

From Staples:

You can even make your own for less than 50 cents! Click on the link to see the DIY video:

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