Connect Your WooSim Printer To Your Device

To pair Bluetooth (for iOS):
1. Power on printer (note: hold power button down for 3 secs to turn on or off)
2. Go to Settings/Bluetooth & turn on Bluetooth
3. After a few seconds, the printer will show up as 'WOOSIM' and indicate not paired
4. Tap on 'WOOSIM' and enter the PIN code '1234'
5. The printer will pair up and be ready to go.
6. NOTE: Whenever the printer is connected via Bluetooth, the blue light under the Bluetooth word & logo will light up.
Please note! This printer will automatically reconnect with no user intervention following disconnection between the iOS device & printer. When the two get back in range with each other (and both are obviously powered on and Bluetooth is on), they should reconnect without issue. Once connected, the range is also good.
The self test receipt shows the Bluetooth PIN code.  Hold the feed button down while powering on. Once the printer powers on and the tri-tone beep plays, release the power button while still holding the feed down until the self-test receipt starts to print.
To toggle between iOS & Android:
1. Power on printer (hold power button down for 3 secs, if off)
2. In order to toggle modes, the printer CANNOT be connected via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device (blue connectivity light on front of printer MUST be OFF).  If it is connected or already paired to a phone, turn off Bluetooth on the phone and wait for the blue light to go out on the printer.
3. Press and hold down both the feed and power buttons at the same time
4. Continue to hold both buttons down.  The red 'error' light will begin flashing and will flash 5 times.
5. After the 5 flashes, continue to keep both buttons pressed until the printer beeps twice and the various power & error lights flicker (about 2-3 secs more).
6. The printer will print out the top portion of the self test receipt to indicate the current mode the printer is in.  At this point, release both buttons being held down.  'MODE = ' at the top shows the current mode: 'Bluetooth(iAP)' is for iOS, 'Bluetooth' is for Android.
7. If for some reason the mode was already correct and now is switched to the wrong mode, simply repeat this process from Step 3 above to toggle it again.
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