There's something wrong with my printer. How do I fix it?

Here we will diagnose several common printer problems. 

I pushed the power button on, and nothing happened. 

For the Blue Bamboo printer: Take off the rubber case and make sure the "Remove Before Use" tag is taken out of the battery in the back of the printer. If you have already done this, and it won't turn on, make sure the battery is snapped into place properly. Now hold the power button down for 3 seconds. *If you have taken out the tag, properly inserted the battery, charged the printer for 1 hour or more, and the power button will still not turn on, you may have a dead battery. Please contact Customer Support at

For the Woosim printer: Hold the power button down until you hear a noise. This may take a few seconds. Once the lights flash, and you hear the noise, the printer is on. 

I tried pushing the power button on, and a light flashed briefly, but it won't stay on. Why not?

One of two things may be happening here. First, take the printer out of the rubber case, and make sure the "Remove Before Use" tag is taken out of the battery in the back of the printer. 

Secondly, the charge on the battery could be too low. Plug the printer into a power outlet for 30 minutes, and try turning it on again. 

I ran a transaction, but no receipt printed. The light on the printer is green. Shouldn't it work?

For the Blue Bamboo Printer: If the light on the printer is blinking green, that means the printer is on and searching for the device to be paired. If it cannot find a paired device, it will go to a steady green. To pair the device:

  • Go to the Home screen on the device. 
  • Choose the Settings icon.
  • Under Settings, choose Bluetooth. 
  • Under Bluetooth, make sure the button next to Bluetooth is turned on. 
  • Under Devices, you should see the the Device Name. This name is a number that begins with P25. Next to this number you will see "Not Paired". If you see "Not Connected" instead of "Not Paired" then the printer is paired, but the device cannot find the printer. Make sure the printer is turned on and close to the device. 
  • Open the top of the printer. If there is paper inside, take it out. 
  • Underneath where the paper goes, you will see a grey sticker that has the Device Name and the Device Pin. Make sure the Device Name matches what you see on the Bluetooth screen. 
  • Click on Not Paired. 
  • Enter the Device Pin number into the device. If you do this too slowly, it will ask you to do it again. Turn the Bluetooth button off and on, and try again. 
  • Once the correct Pin for the printer has been entered, Select "Pair".
  • You will see "Connected" on the Bluetooth screen next to the Device Name. 
  • You are now paired to the Device. 

For the Woosim Printer: Click here for instructions on how to pair the Woosim printer. 

My Woosim printer is not pairing up with my device. How do I pair it?

First, see if the word WOOSIM appears under Devices in your Bluetooth settings. If it does, all you need to do is click on the name WOOSIM and enter the PIN code, which is 1234. 

Hold down the Power button and the Feed button at the same time. Keep holding them down until you see the error light blink 5 times. After it blinks 5 times, release the Power and Feed buttons. A receipt will print out, and your printer should be ready to pair with your device. Look in your Bluetooth settings for the device "WOOSIM" to appear. Once it appears, pair it using the PIN code 1234. 


If the paper comes out when you print a receipt, but no ink is on the paper:

This means the paper is loaded upside down. Simply flip the paper roll over so it feeds from the bottom, and leave 2 inches of paper sticking out of the top of the printer when you close the lid. 

How can I test to make sure the printer is working without my phone or without connecting the printer to anything?

There are 3 buttons on the front of the printer. The one on the far left is the Mode button. Hold this button down while you press the middle button once. The middle button is the Paper Feed button. When you press and hold down Mode and then press Paper Feed once, a test receipt will print out. 

The light on my printer is flashing blue and red. What does this mean?

This means that the top of the printer is open, or that there is no paper in the printer. Simply reload the paper, and close the top firmly. 

When I first turn on the printer, it flashes green. Is this normal?

Yes. The green light means it is wirelessly searching for the last device it was connected to, which is the iPhone. Once it finds this device and connects to it, the light will be solid blue. 

Why does the printer turn itself off?

When the printer is inactive for more than 10 minutes, it automatically turns itself off to save power. If you are processing a transaction and the receipt does not print, it could be that your printer has turned itself off and you simply need to turn it back on again. 

How will I know when to charge the battery?

For the Blue Bamboo Printer: It's a good practice to charge the printer battery the night before your market opens for the day. You can tell when the battery is too low when the light flashes blue once and red 4 times. 

The light is flashing blue and red and the cover is closed and there's paper inside. What is wrong?

If the light is flashing once blue and 3 times red, that means that the printer has overheated. Simply turn off the power for a few minutes to let it cool down. If the light is flashing blue once and 4 times red, that means the battery is low.

Do I need to plug the printer into an outlet, or connect the printer to the phone using a cable in order for it to work?

No. The printer is connected wirelessly through bluetooth, and holds a battery charge so it is completely wireless and portable. 

The light is blue on my printer, but it still won't print automatically, even though the auto printing setting is turned on. What is wrong?

This is a bug with the iOS version on the iPhone. To fix this bug, just simply update your iOS software:

  • Go to Settings on the home screen. 
  • Under Settings, go to General.
  • Under General, go to Software Update.
  • Under Software Update, Choose Install Now. 
  • Your phone will reboot, and the software will be updated. 
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