Activate a New Device, Change Devices, or Generate a New Activation Code

If you would like to change devices, or generate a new activation code:

  • Log in to MobileEBT
  • Choose Devices from the menu at the top of the page. 
  • Choose the specific device name that you would like to disable, or no longer use. 
  • Under Change Device Status, choose Upgrade.
  • Click Disable. When asked if you are sure, click 'Yes'
  • Once the device has been disabled, Click on Replace Device. DO NOT CLICK 'REINSTATE'.
  • A new activation code will be generated. Simply activate the app on your personal device with your same username, password and new activation code. 
  • You can also watch the video on how to generate a code here.

NOTE** If you have already activated the MM+ Select app on a device, you cannot use the same activation code to run the MM+ Select app on an additional device unless you purchase an additional license & setup.

The MarketLink program provides the initial device and license to use the app, and if you need additional devices or the app on your personal device, you can make this purchase on the MM+ online store. You can access the online store by logging into your account and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page:


 If you have already activated your device and have recently updated: 

If you have recently updated your iOS software, or the MM+ Select app, you may need to re-activate. Follow the instructions above to generate a new activation code.

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