Why does it say "Merchant None" on my receipts? How do I fix that?

If you have not chosen a merchant name, on the Submit screen you see "None" next to "Merchant." 

See below:

It will also show up on your receipt as "No Merchant":

You can fix this by adding a Merchant Name. Keep in mind that your market name, address, and phone number are already at the top of the receipt. If you only operate in one location, are one vender, and operate only one day a week, having a Merchant Name will not be important. 

Reasons to have a Merchant Name or multiple names could be the following:

  • You have multiple locations or markets that you take your products to that have different names, such as "North Farmers Market" and "East Side Farmer's Market." If you would like to keep track of sales at these two markets separately, giving them each a Merchant Name would be a good idea. 
  • You have multiple venders within the same market, and you would like to keep track of what each one is selling. For example, if your organization is called "Townhall Farmer's Market" and you have an apple vender, a vegetable vender and a meat vender, you could give them each a Merchant Name to keep track of their individual sales. 
  • You run your market on different days of the week, and want to keep track of each day and run reports to show which day is more profitable. 
  • You have multiple people using the device within the same market, and you need to keep track of what each person is selling. For this particular instance, you would have one Merchant Name, and create multiple users. 

You can see a video on how to create Merchant Names here. Or just follow the directions below:

To create a Merchant Name:

Choose Retailer Admin from the bottom of the Transaction menu. 

Choose Merchant. 

Choose Edit. 

Choose the + sign.

Select a Merchant Name. Click Done.

Select a Unique ID number. This is the number you will give your markets in sequential order, for example: 1,2,3,4, etc. Click Done. 

Click Save. 

You will be returned to the Edit Merchant screen. If you are done adding merchants, click Done. If you would like to add more merchants, choose the + sign again. 



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