If the MM+ app or your device is not available: Accept SNAP using offline food stamp vouchers

If your device isn't working, you don't have to miss out on EBT/SNAP sales - you can accept SNAP/EBT using offline food stamp vouchers .

How to process an offline voucher:

You must call the phone number for manual authorization for each sale to verify that the customer has the funds available on their card.

The customer must be present for this authorization. You do not want them to walk away with your produce before you've verified the funds are available in their account. 

To find the manual authorization number:

In some states, the manual authorization phone number is printed right on the back of the customer's EBT card. 

If this is not true for your state, you will need to have this authorization number on hand before you can process paper vouchers. You can find this number by contacting your USDA representative.

Always use the authorization number for the state that the customer's card is from; if a customer is from another state, you will need to authorize the sale with that particular state. 

What you will need when you call for authorization:

- Your FNS number

- Your customer's card number

- The voucher number (a 7-digit value, unique to your business or organization)

- Sale amount

If the transaction is approved, you will get an approval/authorization number. Write this number on the voucher in the section provided. You can repeat this process for any additional transactions until you are able to use your device again.

You will need an approval/authorization number for each transaction you process.

You will have a period of 10-15 days to enter in the voucher information into your device.

How to redeem offline vouchers:

Once the device comes back online and you are able to use it again, login to the MM+ Select app. 

In the Transactions menu, select SNAP Voucher Clear.

In SNAP Voucher Clear, fill in the information from each voucher individually, and choose Submit. 

Once you get an Approved screen for each voucher, you can go on to the next voucher.

You will not get paid for these transactions, and they will not go through UNTIL you enter the paper voucher information into the device using the SNAP Voucher Clear option. You will have 10-15 days to do this. 

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