Reset MM+ Select App Login password or Authorize the App if You're Locked Out

If you have forgotten your Login Password, or need to reset it, simply click on the MM+ Select app, and you will be brought to the Login Screen:

From here, you will select the Forgot Password? link above the Username:

This will bring you to an Account Verification page:

Here you will enter your Username, and Password for the website. Your username is the 6 digit number that starts with "wp" that you used to activate the app on the phone for the first time. If you do not know your Username, you can find it by going here. If you need to reset the password for the website, there is a link on how to do so here. 

After you enter in the Username and Password, select Submit, and you will be brought to the screen to reset your password. It can be as little as 4 characters long, and only numbers or letters- no symbols. 


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