Add a Merchant Name

You can see a video on how to create Merchant Names here. Or just follow the directions below:

To create a Merchant Name:

Choose Retailer Admin from the bottom of the Transaction menu. 

Choose Merchant. 

Choose Edit. 

Choose the + sign.

Select a Merchant Name. Click Done.

Select a Unique ID number. This is the number you will give your merchant name to distinguish it from other merchant names. You can give your merchant names sequential numbers, such as 1,2,3, etc, or you can give them numbers that are associated with a business location number, such as South Market #245, North Market #191.

How you name and number your markets is up to you, so just choose the system that is best for your business. Keep in mind that each Unique ID number must be different  for each Merchant Name. 

Click Save. 

You will be returned to the Edit Merchant screen. If you are done adding merchants, click Done. If you would like to add more merchants, choose the + sign again. 

You can also learn more about why you would want to add a Merchant Name by clicking here.

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