How do I get more devices, or run the app on my own device?

There are several common questions for purchasing new devices:

Can I use the app on my own device, instead of the one I was sent?

Absolutely. Just contact for a return shipping label in order to send back the device that came with the printer and card reader. If you use your own device, you will be responsible for the data plan costs of your own device. Compatible devices you can use are:

Any iOS device using iOS 6.0 or later or any Android device using OS 4.0 or later.

What if I want to try to use my own device for a while, then use the device I was sent in the future as a backup?

You are welcome to do so. Just keep in mind that by using your own device, you will be paying for your own data plan on your own device, and using your own plan. You will not be able to use the data plan attached to the device we sent if you are using the app on your own device. You are welcome to switch the app from one device to another, but you are not able to have the app on 2 devices running simultaneously unless you are approved for the second device or have paid the license fee for the second device. 

Can I get an additional device and equipment for free if I am part of the Marketlink program?

No. a secondary device is not covered by the Marketlink program, so if you would like to purchase a second device to run the app on, you can purchase one from Apple. The following Apple devices are compatible with the MM+ Select app:

Any iOS device using iOS 6.0 or later.

If I already own a device that is compatible with the MM+ Select app, can I have the card reader and printer for free from Marketlink?

No- but we do offer a reduced priced package for Marketlink venders for a second equipment setup for $496.80 which includes:

Blue Bamboo P25i or Woosim Printer

Case for Printer with belt clip

AC Rambler 3.0

MM+ License 1 Year

Packaging and Shipping

What if I don't want the printer, and I have my own card reader for a second setup?  

The secondary device package we offer at a discount through the MarketLink program includes the printer because the program is primarily for venders to be able to process SNAP transactions. For these transactions, venders are required to give the customer a paper receipt at the end of every purchase. For this reason, we provide the printer so you will be able to print the receipts for these SNAP transactions. 

The card reader we offer is specifically encrypted to work with our app, and we have chosen this specific design for security reasons. If you use another reader with the app on the device, we cannot guarantee that the app will work, or that your transactions will be safely processed. We do not recommend that you try to use a different card reader with the app on your device. 

What if I don't qualify for the Marketlink program- can I still purchase the equipment?

Yes, we have a second package available if you already have a secondary device you want to use. You can view it here. 

What if I just want to purchase the license and use all my own equipment?

At this time, this option is not available. If you are not eligible for the MarketLink program, the lowest cost package we offer without the Marketlink program is the Package 2 linked here that include the card reader and the printer. 

I'm ready to purchase a second device package. What is my next step?

Simply contact us by phone at 1-888-377-7884 and we will handle the transaction and ship out your new device. All major credit cards are accepted. 

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