About your MarketLink device's cellular data plan

If your market was approved for an equipment package through the MarketLink program, then you may have been provided with a mobile device for use with the Mobile Market+ Select app.  Your mobile device will access the cellular data network to allow you to process mobile transactions through the Mobile Market+ Select app in many remote locations, such as outdoor farmers markets.

The cellular data service for your MarketLink device is covered by the program for 2 years, and your device is allowed 2GB of cellular data per month.  This amount of cellular data will allow you to process upwards of 140,000 mobile electronic transactions each month, as mobile electronic transactions processed with the Mobile Market+ Select app use an average of 15kb.

In most cases, your MarketLink device's cellular data usage each month will be well below the 2GB allowance.  In addition, there are no restrictions on your device's monthly cellular data usage.  This ensures that you will always have the ability to process mobile transactions during your markets, even if you have gone over your 2GB allowance.

Please be advised that you or your market may be held responsible for any incurred data usage overage fees, at a rate of $18/GB.

Fortunately, your MarketLink device comes equipped with a mobile device management profile that will monitor the amount of cellular data your device has used, and will provide you with automatic notifications that appear right on your device's screen when you reach 50, 80, and 100% of your device's total cellular data allowance for the month.

You also have the ability to review your cellular usage statistics in the MaaS360 for iOS app that comes pre-installed on your MarketLink device.  Please use the steps below to learn how to access this information:


Step 1:  Tap the MaaS360 app icon on your device's home screen to open it.




Step 2:  Tap "Expense".




Step 3:  Review your MarketLink device's cellular data usage.



You can also refer to the following link to Apple's Support Site for useful information regarding cellular data usage statistics on iOS devices:

Learn about cellular data settings and usage on your iOS device.


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