If your card reader does not recognize cards

If your card reader does not recognize card swipes, try these steps, testing your reader after completing each step. 

For issues with the new Walker Reader, please refer to the section labelled "Additional Troubleshooting for the Walker Reader" further down this page before trying the steps in previous troubleshooting sections.

If your reader recognizes cards but repeatedly prompts you to "Try Swiping Again", refer to the following support article instead:

If you are repeatedly prompted to "Try Swiping Again" when swiping cards

If you are a New York State vendor, refer to the following support article before troubleshooting your card reader:

Important Information for New York State Markets Regarding EBT/SNAP Transactions

Before troubleshooting, please ensure that your Bluetooth printer is turned off.  In some cases, signal interference can cause issues with your card reader.  Ensuring that your printer is powered down prior to troubleshooting will make it easier to isolate your card reader issue.


Ensure that you can see the "Reader Connected" box

After selecting a Transaction Type, you will be prompted to "Swipe or Enter Card Number".  Below the "Card Number" field, you will see a box that says "Reader Connected".



If you don't see the "Reader Connected" box

The MM+ Select app may not have permission to use your device's microphone. Refer to the "Reconfigure Privacy Settings" section below to learn how to manually toggle that setting, or learn by watching a video.


If you see the "Reader Connected" box

  1. Disconnect and then reconnect your card reader, ensuring that the headphone connector is flush against your device's enclosure
  2. If your device is in a case or cover, remove it from your device
  3. Force the MM+ Select app to close and then reopen it
  4. Restart your device

If your issue is unresolved after completing the steps above, refer to the steps in the "Reconfigure Privacy Settings" section below to learn how to manually reconfigure the privacy settings for the MM+ Select app, or learn by watching a video.


Reconfigure Privacy Settings

Use the following steps to manually reconfigure the Privacy Settings:

  1. Open the "Settings" app
  2. Tap "Privacy"
  3. Tap "Microphone"
  4. Verify that "MM+ Select" is listed in this section, and that the toggle switch is green, or on.
  • If the toggle switch next to the MM+ Select app is green, slide the switch to the left to turn it off (the switch will turn white), wait 5 seconds, and then slide the switch back to the right to turn it back on (the switch will turn green)
  • If the toggle switch next to the MM+ Select app is white, slide the toggle switch to the right to turn it on (the switch will turn green)
  • If prompted, Allow the MM+ Select app to access your device's microphone

If you don't see the MM+ Select app listed in the Privacy Settings, or if your issue persists after reconfiguring your privacy settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the blue "Settings" button in the top-left corner to go back to the main Settings menu
  2. Tap "General"
  3. Tap "Reset".  Note that option is at the very bottom.
  4. Tap "Reset Location & Privacy"
  5. Open the MM+ Select app
  6. Tap any Transaction Type
  7. When prompted, tap "Allow" to allow the MM+ Select app to access your location
  8. When prompted, tap "OK" to allow the MM+ Select app to access the microphone

If your issue remains unresolved after completing the steps in this section, please refer to the "Further Troubleshooting" steps in the section below.


Additional Troubleshooting for the Walker Reader

Complete the following troubleshooting steps before trying the steps listed in the sections above, testing your resolution after completing each one.

  1. Install the Mobile Market+ Select app update
  2. Charge your Walker Reader for about 30 minutes
  3. Confirm the Default Reader is set to "Walker":
  • Login to the Mobile Market+ Select app 
  • Tap "Settings"
  • Tap "Config Summary"
  • Tap "Audio Reader"
  • Tap "Walker"


Additional Android Troubleshooting

Please refer to our list of compatible Android device before performing the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Check your device's media volume is set to the maximum level. Look in Settings>Sound>Volume. The Media volume may be labelled "Music, Video, Games, and Other Media"
  2. Enable or disable any special media settings. (e.g. Dolby, DTS, Beats Audio, Media Audio Effects, Music FX, XLoud, Sound Alive)
  3. In Android OS 4.2 and above, you must accept a high-volume warning. Tap "Accept". Cancelling or bypassing this message will not allow your device to change the volume loud enough to work with your reader.
  4. Your device may reduce the volume when the Mobile Market+ Select app is closed or if your device goes to sleep. You may need to reset the media volume after waking up your device.
  5. Try using the following order
  • Set media to volume to the maximum level
  • Open the Mobile Market+ Select app
  • Connect your card reader to your mobile device
  • Accept the volume warning. If you don't see a volume warning, disconnect your card reader, adjust the media volume level again, and then reconnect your card reader.


Further Troubleshooting

If your issue is unresolved after completing the steps in the "Reconfigure Privacy Settings" section above, make sure that you are using the latest version of the MM+ Select app.

Please note that after updating the MM+ Select app, you may need to reactivate the MM+ Select app.

If your issue persists after completing all of the recommended troubleshooting steps in this article, your device may have a hardware issue that is preventing the microphone or the headphones jack from working as intended.

Learn how to test the microphone.

Learn how to troubleshoot the headphone jack.

Please contact our Support Line at (888) 377-7884 if you require further assistance with this issue.

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