If you are repeatedly prompted to "Try Swiping Again" when swiping cards

Learn what to do when you are unable to process transactions due to an error message prompting you to swipe your card repeatedly.

If your card reader is instead failing to recognize card swipes, refer to the following support article:

If your card reader does not recognize card swipes

The "Try Swiping Again" message indicates your device recognizes your card reader and that a card is being swiped, but there is an issue preventing the information from processing correctly.

In many cases, this issue can be resolved with proper swiping technique.

When swiping a card through your reader, be sure to:

  • align the card squarely with the edge of the reader mechanism
  • pass the entire magnetic strip through the reader mechanism
  • use a smooth and steady swiping motion

If this happens every time you swipe a card, make sure that you are using the most recent version of the MM+ Select app.

Please note that after updating the MM+ Select app, you may need to reactivate the MM+ Select app.


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