New York Markets Unable to Complete SNAP Transactions

As a New York vendor, you may encounter an issue completing EBT/SNAP transactions because the "Next" button remains greyed out in the MM+ Select app.  Learn how to re-configure your device's settings in order to resolve this issue.

Our developers have placed a safeguard in the Mobile Market+ Select app that prevents a user from processing an EBT/SNAP transaction if the EBT/SNAP card number does not have the expected number of digits.  This is in place to protect both cardholders and vendors from fraudulent transactions.

However, older New York State EBT/SNAP cards commonly have more digits than the MM+ Select app expects.  As a result, vendors are unable to process EBT/SNAP transactions with those cards until the MM+ Select app settings have been re-configured to bypass that safeguard.

Enable "Skip Luhn Check" Setting

Follow the steps listed below to enable "Skip Luhn Check":

  1. Tap "Settings" in the lower-right hand corner of the MM+ Select app
  2. Tap "Config Summary"
  3. Scroll down the menu until you see "Skip Luhn Check"
  4. Swipe the "Skip Luhn Check" switch to the left to toggle it ON; it will turn green

If you are still unable to complete EBT/SNAP transactions after completing the steps listed above, refer to the "Further Troubleshooting" section below.

Further Troubleshooting

If your issue remains unresolved after completing the steps in the "Enable 'Skip Luhn Check' Setting" section above, general card reader troubleshooting may be required.  You will find links to troubleshooting steps below:

If your card reader does not recognize card swipes

If you are repeatedly prompted to "Try Swiping Again" when swiping cards

If your issue remains unresolved after completing the troubleshooting steps listed in the support articles in the "Further Troubleshooting" section, then please contact our support team at (888) 377-7884.

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