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Welcome to the Token Recon FAQ.  We are excited to be able to provide this innovative service to our customers, and sure that you are eager to know what the Token Recon service is, how it works, and what it can do to help you grow your business. You'll find answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q:  What is Token Recon?

A:  Token Recon is a mobile app designed for farmers and market managers to streamline token-based SNAP and EBT transaction reconciliation.

Q:  What does Token Recon do?

A:  Built from the ground up with farmers and market managers in mind, Token Recon helps you stay organized and maximize efficiency and productivity during the market season.  It greatly reduces the amount of time and energy spent on token reconciliation and bookkeeping.  By providing you with a wealth of token-based transaction information right at your fingertips, Token Recon makes it easier for you to ensure that your vendors receive accurate and timely compensation for their hard work.

Q:  How does Token Recon work?

A:  After taking a few moments to configure the mobile app for use with your market, Token Recon will collect, organize, and catalog all of your market's vendors' SNAP and EBT token transaction information for you.  This information can then be exported to create detailed merchant activity and transactions reports.  Token Recon will export data to all commonly used file types, allowing you to integrate this system seamlessly with any existing procedures you have in place.

Q: Are there any prerequisites that need to be met before I can qualify for the Token Recon service?

A:  There are only 2 prerequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for the Token Recon service:

  • You must have an active MobileEBT account
  • You must have an active PayPal account

Q: How much does the Token Recon app and service cost?

A:  The Token Recon app is a free download from the App Store and Google Play Store.  However, you must purchase a subscription before Token Recon can be used to organize your market's token transaction information.  A subscription for the Token Recon mobile solution is only $9.95 per month.

Q: Does the subscription fee for Token Recon come out of my merchant account with WorldPay?

A: No.  The monthly subscription fee will be billed directly to your PayPal account.  Please note that your Token Recon subscription will not be associated with your WorldPay account in any way.  This ensures that your current WorldPay account settings will be unaffected by your subscription.

Q:  Will Token Recon change the way I process mobile transactions with the Mobile Market+ Select app?

A:  No.  Token Recon will have no effect on the way you process mobile transactions through the Mobile Market+ Select app.

Q:  What kind of commitment or contract will there be to sign up for the Token Recon service?  I'm a seasonal market, and might not use it all the time. 

A:  No problem.  A Token Recon subscription is a month to month commitment.  There are no contracts for the Token Recon service.  This flexibility allows you to login to the MobileEBT website at any time to suspend or reinstate your Token Recon subscription whenever it's necessary.

Q:  How do I sign up for the Token Recon service?

A.  Signing up for Token Recon is a snap.  You can sign up for the Token Recon service at the MobileEBT website.  Please be sure to have your PayPal account information handy, as you will be prompted to input payment information during the registration process.

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