EMV-compatible Walker Reader Best Practices

We are certain that you will be eager to use your new Walker Reader as soon as possible, and we understand that at first, familiarizing yourself with this exciting new technology may seem a bit overwhelming.

That's why we've assembled a collection of best practices, helpful tips, and links to instructional videos designed to enable you to get the most out of your new Walker EMV-compatible reader, and we've got it all right here in one place.

Armed with the information we've provided below, you'll be an expert in no time.


Best Practices and Tips

Charge your Walker Reader's battery:

Unlike the battery in previous readers, the battery in your new Walker Reader is rechargeable. To charge your reader, you can connect the USB to Micro USB cable that came with the unit to a powered USB port on your computer(usually located in the back), or you can use the wall charger cube that came with your MarketLink device.

Tip:  You can check the battery level of your reader while it's connected to your device at any time through the Mobile Market+ Select app in Settings>Config Summary>Audio Reader>Walker (swipe w/ EMV Slot).  Remember the reader must be connected to your device to view your Walker Reader's current battery level.

Tip:  Charge your reader the night before your market to ensure your reader's battery lasts through the day, as it can take up to 4 hours for your reader's battery to fully recharge from an exhausted state.

Your customer's card must remain in your Walker Reader until the transaction is complete:

Unlike standard mag-stripe cards that need to be swiped through a reader only once during a transaction, an EMV card must remain in the reader for the duration of the transaction. This is called "dipping" the card, and is necessary because the system validates your customer's card several times during the transaction.

Tip:  Removing a card from your reader too early will cancel the transaction.  If you want it approved, don't remove!

Tip:  An EMV card has a magstripe, but should always be dipped first.  The card should be swiped only if there is an issue reading the chip.

Update the Mobile Market+ Select app:

The current version of the Mobile Market+ Select app does not support EMV reader functionality.  To ensure you are able to use your Walker Reader, please take the time to update the MM+ Select app when prompted.

Tip:  If necessary, you can refer to the packing slip from your original equipment package to find your Apple ID login information.

Tip:  If possible, install the Mobile Market+ Select app update while your MarketLink device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.  

Use the rubber "boot" designed for use with iOS devices with your Walker Reader for a snug fit to your MarketLink iPad or iPhone:

Your Walker Reader comes with 2 rubber "boots" to keep the unit firmly attached to your mobile device;  the first is a universal boot that is already attached to the bottom of the unit, and the other is a larger boot specially designed to be used with Apple iOS devices.  We recommend using the larger boot to ensure a snug fit.

 Tip:  Peel the stickers off the adhesive pads on the bottom of the rubber boot before affixing it to your Walker Reader.

Tip:  If your MarketLink device is in a case, then you may want to continue using the universal boot.



Walker Reader Quick Setup Guide

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