SNAP Paper Vouchers: Where to get the Info When Calling for Authorization

With SNAP paper vouchers, you will need to call the retailer authorization number for your state (on some SNAP cards the number is on the back of the card) to verify that the customer in front of you has the funds for their purchase, and that those funds are held until the paper voucher can be submitted electronically within 10 days of the transaction. 

In some states, when you call for this authorization, the pre-recorded message will ask for your Retailer Number, as well as your FNS number. The Retailer Number is a number that is assigned to each state. 

For example, if you are trying to authorize a purchase using a paper voucher in the state of Texas, your Retailer Number is 01142201. Each state has a different number, so to obtain the number for your state, you can call the USDA retailer hotline:


If you would like to visit the USDA website for more information for retailers, go here.

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