EMV-compatible Walker Reader FAQ

Welcome to the Walker Reader FAQ.  We know that you're excited to use your new EMV-compatible Walker Reader on your next market day, but may have a few questions about the reader itself and how it differs from the Rambler Reader that you've already been using.

That's why we've assembled a list of frequently asked questions regarding your new Walker Reader, with the answers to go right along with them.

For more specific information regarding your new Walker Reader, please refer to the official AnywhereCommerce Walker Reader Data Sheet.

You can also learn more about your new Walker Reader at the AnywhereCommerce website.

Refer to our EMV Best Practices and Tips article to learn how to get the most out of your new Walker Reader.

Refer to our Walker Reader Quick Setup Guide to learn how to make sure that your new Walker Reader is ready to go on your next market day.


Q:  How is the Walker Reader different from the Rambler Reader that I've already been using?

A:  Unlike the Rambler Reader that you've been using, the AnywhereCommerce Walker Reader is EMV-compatible, which means it can accept your customers' newer EMV chip cards and ensures your market's compliance with the new electronic processing standard.  It also has a rechargeable battery.


Q:  What if my customers don't have a chip card?  Can I still swipe cards with this?

A:  Yes, your Walker Reader can also accept traditional magstripe cards.  Please note, however, that if your customer presents an EMV card during the transaction, you must dip your customer's card in favor of swiping it.  This protects you from liability for potentially fraudulent transactions.

We recommend swiping the magstripe on an EMV card only if the card is not recognized by your Walker Reader when dipped.

Watch a video that demonstrates how to process a transaction using a Walker Reader on an iPhone.

Watch a video that demonstrates how to connect a Walker Reader to an iPad.


Q:  Will this new reader drain the battery in my MarketLink device?

A:  No.  Your Walker Reader won't drain your MarketLink device's battery because it has its own built-in rechargeable battery.  A single charge will allow your Walker Reader to process 4,000 EMV transactions, almost triple that in magstripe transactions, and has a standby time of over 1 year.

We still recommend that you charge your Walker Reader the night before your market days to ensure it's fully charged and ready to go when you need it most.


Q:  How do I charge my Walker Reader?

A:  You can charge your Walker Reader by connecting the USB cable that came with it to a powered USB port on your computer(usually located in the back), or you can use a wall outlet by connecting the USB cable to the wall charging unit that came with your MarketLink device.

Watch a video that demonstrates how to charge your Walker Reader.


Q:  How do I attach my Walker Reader to my MarketLink device?

A:  Your new Walker Reader attaches to your MarketLink device's headphone jack, just like the Rambler Reader you've been using.  For a secure fit to iOS devices, it even comes with an additional specially designed rubber boot.  Also note that, just like the Rambler Reader you've been using, your Walker Reader needs to access your MarketLink device's microphone, so remember to position it accordingly.

Learn how to reconfigure your MarketLink device's microphone and Privacy settings.

Watch a video that demonstrates how to attach your new Walker Reader to your iPhone 5C or your iPad Mini. 


Q:  Why is the Mobile Market+ Select app asking for permission to access information on my MarketLink device when I try to process a transaction with my new Walker Reader?

A:  Like the Rambler Reader that you've been using to process mobile transactions, your new Walker Reader needs access to your MarketLink device's microphone and your location information for communication and reporting purposes.  Please note that you will be unable to use your Walker Reader to process transactions until you have allowed it to access your device.


Q:  My Walker Reader isn't recognizing cards.  What gives?

A:  If you have not yet installed the most recent Mobile Market+ Select app update, you will need to complete that process before you can use your new Walker Reader, as the previous version of the app does not support EMV-compatible readers.  If you have successfully updated the MM+ Select app then further troubleshooting may be required.  Please refer to our card reader troubleshooting support article for steps to resolve your card reader issue. Or you can also watch this video on common troubleshooting solutions. 


Q:  I think my Walker Reader is damaged or defective.  How can I get a replacement?

A:  Please refer to our card reader troubleshooting support article for information you may find useful.  If you are unable to resolve your issue with the steps provided, please contact our support team for further assistance.


More questions?  Please contact our Support Team at (888) 377-7884 or email us at


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