Welcome to our EMV FAQ.  We know that you're excited to learn about the new electronic transaction processing standard and how it protects you and your customers from fraudulent credit transactions.

That's why we've collected the answers to several of the most Frequently Asked Questions about EMV and how it affects your business below.


Q:  What is EMV?

A:  EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa) is a standard of operation for smart card payments and acceptance devices.  This standard, in use in Europe and other parts of the world for over a decade, has been adopted by the United States due to it's increased security features.


Q:  How is EMV more secure?

A:  In a word, the chip.  The chip that's embedded in EMV cards is a microprocessor, essentially a miniature computer, containing a secure vault that generates unique codes that must be validated by your bank for each transaction.  Advanced cryptography technology is used to generate these codes, and they cannot be used more than once.  The algorithm used by EMV chip cards is almost impossible to decode, and decoded information is of no value to would-be cyber-criminals because it has already been used.


Q:  How do I accept an EMV card?

A:  An EMV card must be inserted into your EMV-compatible Walker Reader, and must remain inserted for the entire duration of the transaction.  This is known as "dipping" the card.  Aside from that, the process is the same.  After your customer provides a signature at the end of the transaction, you will be prompted to remove the card.


Q:  Is card dipping the only way to accept an EMV card?

A:  Most EMV cards will have a magstripe, and your Walker Reader can accept magstripe cards, but you will need to dip EMV cards in favor of swiping them when you have the option.  This protects both you and your customer from potentially fraudulent transactions.


Q:  I have a few other questions.  Where can I find more information and answers?

A:  Visit the websites listed below for more information about EMV and how it protects you, your business, and your customers.


Have more questions?  You can also email our support team or call us toll-free at (888) 377-7884 for more information.

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