About Manual Entry Option

What is Manual Entry? If you don't need to have an itemized list of your products in a transaction, but just need to process a transaction for a sale amount, you can use the Manual Entry option. This would be useful for example if you need to charge a customer for a product or service that is not listed in your inventory. 


How do I use Manual Entry? Tap on the menu found next to the Sale button:

Once you tap on Manual Entry, you will choose your payment type from the tender menu:

Tap the payment type for this transaction. In this example, we'll use a credit card. You will next see the insert/swipe/enter card number screen:


Once you have entered the card number, you will see the Sale Amount screen. Enter the correct sale amount and tap Next:


Once you are prepared to submit the transaction, tap Submit on the next screen:


After you submit this transaction, it will be begin the settlement process. You will see either an Approved or Denied screen that lets you know the transaction settlement process has begun. 

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