How to use the Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner can be used for two different functions.  It can be used to both add products to your database, and also to scan items during checkout.


The Barcode Scanner is located in the lower-right section of your display:


By default, the Barcode Scanner is active, but you can deactivate it at any time by tapping it.  Tap the Barcode Scanner once more to reactivate it.


Use the Barcode Scanner to add products

Place new product UPC label within white brackets of barcode scan window. The “Add Product” window will appear when the barcode is successfully scanned:


Enter your Item Name by tapping in the first field available. 

Select this Item as a Favorite Item by tapping on the star after choosing your item name. When this star is yellow, your item will be listed as a Favorite.

Select a Category for your Item by tapping on Select Categories. If you need to create a new category for your item, click here.

Select a Product Code type for your item by tapping on either UPC or PLU, and then type in the number associated with your code type. If you do not have a Product Code type, you can choose PLU and enter in any 5 digit number. 

Select the Description for your item and enter your item description. This might include more detail about the item, like "Paul's Organic Cherry Tomatoes" instead of just "Tomatoes".

Select the price of your item in the price field. 

Select the Unit of Measure for the price you've listed. For example, if you sell organic cherry tomatoes at $ 4.00 per box, enter the number 1 and then tap on the Unit of Measure green button, then select "box" as your unit of measure. If no unit of measure is needed, you can leave the number as zero and the green button as "None."

Check the box for partial units if your item is sold in partial units, such as fractions or percentages. For example, if you items by weight and fractions, then you will need to check the box for partial units. 

Select the box for Eligibility if your item is available for tax, as a SNAP purchase, or if it's available for a Loyalty Purchase.

On the bottom right corner of this menu, you will see a gear icon:



When you click on this gear, you will have the option to Save now or Save as a draft:


If you Save now, the info you have entered for this item will be saved once you tap on Save at the bottom of the Add Product menu. The item will be added to your product inventory. 

If you Save as a draft, the info will be added to a Draft Category on the side menu for you to complete at a later time. The item will not be added to your Product inventory until you select the item in your Drafts menu and tap on the gear and select Publish. Once you select Publish, the item will be added to your product inventory. If you are not ready to add the product, or do not have all the info you need about the item, you can again tap on Save draft and the item will remain in your drafts menu. 

When you have completed entering all the info about your product, click on Save at the bottom of the menu. If there is required info missing, you will see a pop up menu instructing you to fill in the missing info you need. 


Use the Barcode Scanner to scan checkout items


Place product UPC label within white brackets of barcode scan window. Notice the red stripe in the center of the scan window:

This stripe is the Scan Indicator. The Scan Indicator will pulse green when a barcode is successfully scanned.

To add the same item multiple times to an order, hold the UPC label in front of the barcode scanner. Each green pulse of the Scan Indicator will add one more product to your order.

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