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Do I need to add a payment method?

Yes, a payment method is required to process subscription payments or equipment orders.


What happens if I don't add a payment method?

If a payment method is not added, your subscription payment will fail and your subscription will be terminated.  This will cause an interruption with your TotilPay service and the ability to use TotilPay for EBT transactions.


I already provided my banking information for sales deposits so why do I need to add it again for subscription payments?

We recently upgraded to a new payment system that requires you to input your preferred payment method for subscription payments,  either credit card or bank account.  Due to PCI Compliance rules we are unable to transfer your payment information from our old system to the new one.  


Can I add multiple subscriptions to my account?

Yes, you can purchase multiple subscriptions and equipment from your TotilPay Customer Portal.


Will my subscription cost for TotilPay Go or TotilPay Register change as a result of these new improvements?  

No - there are no price changes at this time, these are improvements to the overall TotilPay platform.


What are the benefits of these new improvements and enhancements?

These improvements will allow you to have better control and management of your TotilPay account and subscriptions in real-time so you no longer have to wait on us to do anything for you.


Will I still be able to cancel my account when needed?

Yes, you can cancel any of your subscriptions by logging into your Customer Portal.  You'll be able to choose the timing when you want the cancellation to take effect.  This allows you to have better control and management of the timing of your subscriptions and payments. 


I have been approved by MarketLink for the free equipment program, how will that be factored in to my subscription?

There are no changes to how a MarketLink grant is applied to subscriptions. Subscription auto-payments will begin the day after the free year of service has expired.  You'll receive a reminder email prior to the payment date.


Will I receive a notification that a payment is due for my subscription?

Yes, you will receive a reminder email message with details about when the subscription payment is due and an auto-payment will be processed on that date using the payment method you have selected. 


How do I reactivate my account if it was disabled or cancelled?

If you are an existing customer and you want to reactivate your TotilPay account & subscription, just log in to your Customer Portal and purchase a new subscription.


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