Mobile Market Service FAQ's

We have received numerous follow-up questions.  In an effort to eliminate confusion, we have created the following set of FAQs’. 


  • What does the announcement by New York cover?
    1. The agreement covers all current users all the Mobile Market+ products (MM+ Select, MM+ Register, and MM+ Token Recon) through the end of February 2019.
  • I’m not in New York does this apply to me?
    1. Yes, the agreement with the NY Farmers Market Federation applies to all markets throughout the US.
  • What about cellular service?
    1. The agreement includes costs for cellular service
  • Will you be adding new merchants?
    1. Yes, merchants interested can contact us via email or online. Note We will not be offering a package that includes cellular/data, iPad, or iPhone. 
  • Will NDG be processing orders for new or replacement equipment?
    1. NDG will be processing new BYOD orders, replacement equipment and new license orders.
  • Can I or do I need to renew my MM+ License?
    1. Yes, beginning August 15th we will resume our normal license notification, renewal, and expiration processes. In the meantime you can contact our Help Desk at (888) 377-7884, or you can email us at
  • What changes should I expect since the announcement?
    1. NDG will continue to provide the same service options as we have in the past.
  • What happens after February 2019?
    1. We are working with the New York Farmers Market Federation, as well as many other groups, to construct a permanent solution.
  • When will NDG be announcing another update?
    1. We will continue to send and post any updates to our merchants, partners, and other interested parties via email, our support site, and our website.
  • Where can I get the most current and accurate information about the next steps?
    1. If you would like to receive updates or announcements from NDG you can signup here.   
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