NDG Announcement FAQ's

Will NDG be shutting down Mobile Market Services?

No, this investment allows us to continue to service our existing merchants. 

Will my cellular service, provided as part of the USDA Free Equipment Program, be terminated?

No, all cellular services and licenses will be continued for the full term of your agreement. 

Will my current equipment provided by Novo Dia Group still function?

Yes, your current equipment and software will continue to function as long as you have an active Mobile Market License account.  If your license is set to expire soon you will need to renew your Mobile Market License with NDG. 

What packages will NDG be offering now?

NDG will continue to offer the BYOD packages that are described on our website as well as additional and replacement hardware.

What happens to my Worldpay account?

Your WorldPay account will continue to function without any changes or disruption.

Will NDG be supporting Online eWIC?

Yes, currently our products support eWIC and will continue to do so.

What immediate changes should I expect?

There are no immediate changes that would impact your day to day business or interrupt you from performing transactions.

Will NDG be offering new cellular data packages with NDG provided devices and equipment?

Not at this time, more information will be published on the available packages and offering.

Will NDG and Square have the ability to process EBT payments?

Square today cannot be used to accept EBT payments. NDG and Square will look for ways to collaborate and accelerate technology in the EBT space.

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