TotilPay Announcement FAQ's

  1. If a market or farmer is new to SNAP and goes through MarketLink, they can opt for SNAP processing through NDG or is this automatic?  With MarketLink all new merchants are automatically enrolled with NDG as their EBT Processor.
  2. Please clarify the cost of the license fee?  The current annual subscription cost for a Farmers Market is $191.40, or $15.95/month if they choose a month to month agreement.  Please note that the $191.40 is an introductory price, and while we will always have a discount for those that choose an annual agreement, we may adjust that discount after the initial TotilPay rollout.  Here is a URL with the details.
  3. If one of our existing markets or farmers wants to move from Worldpay to NDG for SNAP processing, what is the procedure?  They just need to complete the online form at  Once that is complete, we would invoice them for their preferred service (annual or month to month).  We then update them on our system and the next time they login their SNAP transactions are automatically routed through NDG and are no longer sent to WorldPay.
  4. Please clarify the difference between a license and subscription fee? We used the term subscription fee for those merchants that use NDG EBT Processing services.  For the merchants who want to remain with WorldPay as their EBT processor we would charge a license fee, which is still $120.  
  5. Please clarify if TotalPay Go is replacing MM+ or something different? Yes, as part of our rebranding effort MM+ Select is being replaced by TotilPay Go.  
  6. What are the steps to enable Square for credit card processing?  If a market already has an existing merchant account with Square then they just need to email us at requesting that want Square as their credit processor.  Once we process that request the next time, they login they will be prompted with a message like the attachment.  If the market does not already have an existing Square account there may be a MarketLink specific URL they can use to sign up, or if not they can go directly to Square and once complete do step one.  
  7. Do I need to immediately download the TotilPay Go app and switch over today?  We recommend you update to the TotilPay Go app as soon as possible to take advantage of new features and updates.
  8. When will the Android version of TotilPay Go be available?  We are currently in an internal testing period and once we have successfully completed testing we will publish another announcement with its availability.     
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