How to Re-Install TotilPay Go

Please note a Full Erase and Re-Install deletes all receipt, merchant, and transaction data from your device. The lost data will be unrecoverable. A Full Erase and Re-Install should only be done after updating your TotilPay Go account information or troubleshooting TotilPay Go app performance issues.

Follow the steps below to Re-Install the TotilPay Go app on your mobile device:

  1. Login to TotilPay Go
  2. Tap More
  3. In the Settings section at the top, tap Install Options
  4. Tap Full Erase and Re-Install
  5. Confirm this command by tapping Full Erase
  6. Reactivate TotilPay Go using the steps linked below:

Need help? Email TotilPay Support or call 888-377-7884.

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