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Q: Why is the voucher clear request being declined?

A: A "General Denial" when you attempt to do a Voucher Clear implies that the voucher data entered did not match any active voucher authorizations reserved on the EBT host processor's system. All of the voucher information has to match what was used when the voucher was called in to the voucher authorization line. The EBT host processor does not give us any further information and we do not have any ability to view active vouchers on the EBT host system.

You'll need to check the following items for the voucher to be successfully matched. Some of these items may seem obvious, but the small details can sometimes make all the difference.

1. Card number (also known as the PAN)

There are several states with EBT cards that are 19 digits long, and some that are 18 digits long. All digits must be correctly recorded on the voucher form. We have no way to know if the card number you’ve entered is valid unless a TotilPay merchant has successfully processed a transaction with this card before. See the table at the end of this document for a list of EBT card lengths and the BIN (first six digits) of each.

2. Voucher Number

Voucher numbers are between 7 and 15 digits. If the voucher was entered with a certain number of leading zeroes when it was called in, it must be entered as the same. The state EBT host-provided paper voucher form has 7 digits for the voucher number field.

3. Voucher Transaction Type

Vouchers can be used for EBT SNAP Returns as well as EBT SNAP Purchases. Make sure the voucher was not mistakenly called in as a SNAP Return.

4. Voucher Authorization Number

The Voucher Authorization Number is always 6 digits and is associated with all the rest of the fields used at the time the voucher was called in. It is not interchangeable with the Authorization Number for any other reserved vouchers. Some forms have another field for the FNS number labelled as "Store Authorization Number" or "Store Auth #", but this is not to be confused with the Voucher Authorization Number.

5. Voucher Amount Must Match

The dollar amount of the transaction must match the exact same dollar amount that was authorized when the voucher was approved.

6. Voucher Settlement Period

Vouchers expire after 15 days after they were called in for authorization according to the EBT host-provided voucher form, and they may not be approved by the state afterward. After 15 days, a new voucher will need to be authorized for the cardholder.

7. FNS Number

This is your store's FNS certification license number that identifies your store to the state's EBT host system. The FNS number that was entered into the voice authorization line to reserve the voucher must be the same FNS number used by the terminal (the TotilPay app) to settle the voucher. We've seen cases where some markets that manage multiple sellers with different FNS numbers can mix up which merchant/seller FNS number was used to call in the voucher, and which merchant's terminal should be used to settle the voucher. Some forms label this field as "Store Authorization Number" or "Store Auth #", but this is not to be confused with the voucher's auth number.

The terminal is only configured with an FNS number at the time it is activated. If the FNS number on your account has ever changed, we would have to enter that FNS number on the account and you would need to perform a reinstall: ☰ More → Install Options → Reinstall (data kept)

The TotilPay/MobileEBT username and password are required to complete the install after this option is selected.

If the voucher settlement continues to be declined, you may need to contact the state's EBT processor to see if they will help check which field you're entering is mismatched with pre-authorized vouchers that are present on their system for your merchant's FNS number.

We may be able to spot the issue if you provide a photo or scan of the form. (Cover up the card number for the image to avoid sending sensitive customer information).

Card Length / BIN list

The following states have 19-digit EBT card numbers and the first 6 digits (the BIN) as shown:

State  BIN
Illinois 601453
Iowa 627485
Maine 507703
New York 600486
Pennsylvania 600760
South Carolina 610470
Texas 610098


The following states have 18-digit EBT card numbers and the first 6 digits (the BIN) as shown:

State  BIN
Connecticut 600890
Massachusetts 600875


The remaining states have 16-digit EBT card numbers and the first 6 digits (the BIN) as shown:

State BIN
Alabama 507680
Alaska 507695
Arizona 507706
Arkansas 610093
California 507719
Colorado 507681
Delaware 507713
District of Columbia 507707
Florida 508139
Georgia 508148
Guam 578036
Hawaii 507698
Idaho 507692
Indiana 507704
Kansas 601413
Kentucky 507709
Louisiana 504476
Maryland 600528
Michigan 507711
Minnesota 610423
Mississippi 507718
Missouri 507683
Montana 507714
Nebraska 507716
Nevada 507715
New Hampshire 507701
New Jersey 610434
New Mexico 586616
North Carolina 508161
North Dakota 508132
Ohio 507700
Oklahoma 508147
Oregon 507693
Rhode Island 507682
South Dakota 508132
Tennessee 507702
US Virgin Islands 507721
Utah 601036
Vermont 507705
Virginia 622044
Washington 507710
West Virginia 507720
Wisconsin 507708
Wyoming 505349


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