Information and Eligibility Criteria for Form 1099-K

We provide 1099-K electronically for merchants who use TotilPay as either their SNAP or WIC processor, and they meet the following minimum requirements 200 and successful transactions totaling greater than or equal to $20,000.   


For example, if a merchant had $30,000 in transactions but only 180 approved transactions, they would not receive a 1099-K.  Similarly, if a merchant has 500 transactions but totaling only $15,000, they will also not receive a 1099-K from us.


If a merchant uses Conduent (HIP) or WorldPay for SNAP and or WIC processing those companies are responsible for providing the 1099.


If you still need assistance with your TotilPay account or TotilPay app, please reply to this message or call 888-377-7884, again.  Be sure to include details about what you need help with so we can better assist you.


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