Understanding Partially Approved Transactions and Refunds in OTC Card Transactions

When making an over-the-counter (OTC) transaction with a card, a 'Partially Approved' status may occur. This status means that the balance or plan associated with the card does not cover the entire amount entered for the transaction.

To obtain information about the transaction, a log may be reviewed to determine how much of the payment was received. If this occurs in the future, the recommendation is to void the transaction and perform a balance inquiry to determine the exact amount charged. The customer can then pay the difference using another payment method.

If a customer is not present to receive a refund, the transaction code may be needed to process the refund. However, the transaction code is only applicable to Solutran, and not for Incomm. To refund the transaction using Incomm, the card number is required, which can be obtained from the customer over the phone. It is important to note that refunds without the customer present should only be done with the customer's explicit agreement.

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