Integrating TotilPay with Square Register for EBT Transactions

For businesses utilizing the Square Register setup and accepting EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) payments, integrating TotilPay as an EBT-only stand beside can streamline the checkout process while ensuring accurate inventory management. This knowledge base article provides a step-by-step guide on how to integrate TotilPay with Square Register to process EBT transactions effectively.

1. Ring up the customer's items on Square Register:

  • Use the Square Register system as you would for any sale.
  • When the customer wishes to use an EBT card, select "Other" as the tender type.

2. Processing the EBT transaction with TotilPay:

  • Open the TotilPay Go app on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Ensure the card reader is connected to your device.
  • Enter the EBT transaction amount into the TotilPay Go app.
  • Swipe or insert the customer's EBT card using the card reader.
  • Wait for the EBT transaction to be approved. The TotilPay Go app will provide confirmation.

3. Completing the checkout on Square Register:

  • Return to the Square Register screen once the EBT transaction is approved.
  • Complete the checkout process by selecting the appropriate options (e.g., bagging items, applying discounts).
  • Select the "Other" tender type previously used for the EBT transaction.
  • Enter the total EBT amount approved in the TotilPay Go app.

4. Inventory management and settlement:

  • By using the "Other" tender type for EBT transactions, Square Register's inventory management remains accurate.
  • Square remains responsible for settling credit and debit transactions.
  • TotilPay is responsible for settling EBT transactions.
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