Understanding TotilPay Payment Timelines

TotilPay provides payment processing services, and it's essential to understand the timelines associated with payments, particularly ACH deposits. Below, we explain how TotilPay payment timelines work.

A simpler way to understand it is that you should see a deposit in 2-3 business days after the settlement date.

  1. Effective Date:

    • The effective date for an ACH deposit from TotilPay is typically the 3rd business day after the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) settlement date.

  2. EBT Settlement Date:

    • If a transaction occurs before 7:00 pm ET, the EBT settlement date is the same calendar day.
    • If a transaction occurs after 7:00 pm ET, the settlement date will be the next calendar day.

  3. Example:

    • Suppose a transaction occurs at 5:21 pm on 9/1 in Michigan (Eastern time zone). In this case, the EBT settlement date is 9/1.
    • The 3rd business day after the settlement date would have been 9/6, but if 9/5 is a bank holiday (not a business day), then the 3rd business day after the settlement date of 9/1 would be 9/7.

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