TotilPay FAQ

  • If a market or farmer is new to SNAP and goes through MarketLink, they can opt for SNAP processing through NDG or is this automatic?  With MarketLink, all new merchants are automatically enrolled with NDG as their EBT Processor.


  • What is the cost of the subscription fee?  We offer 2 pricing models for our TotilPay programs: Farmers Markets and Non-Farmers Markets, or Retailers.  All of our current pricing is listed below.  Please note these are introductory, discounted prices that are subject to change.  


Farmers Market


Farmers Market

Monthly Non-Farmers Market Annual Non-Farmers Market
TotilPay Go



*20% savings



*10% savings

TotilPay Register $34.95


* $60 savings



* $120 savings


  • If I am an existing market or farmer who wants to move from Worldpay to NDG for SNAP processing, what is the procedure?  The first step is to complete the online application HERE.  Once we receive your completed application, we will invoice you for the first payment of your chosen subscription term (annual or month-to-month).  When your payment is received, we will update your account on our system and the next time you login to the TotilPay app your SNAP transactions will be automatically routed through NDG and will no longer route to WorldPay.


  • Please explain the difference between a license and subscription? We recently moved to an auto-renewal payment system so we have changed our terminology from a license to a subscription. The fee you pay is for a subscription to our TotilPay program that will automatically renew on either a monthly or annual basis, depending on which subscription type you choose.


  • Did TotalPay Go replace MM+ Select? Yes, as part of our rebranding effort in early 2020, MM+ Select was replaced with TotilPay Go.  


  • What are the steps to enable Square for credit card processing?  If you already have an existing merchant account with Square then you can send us an email at to request Square as your credit processor.  Once we process that request, the next time you login you will be prompted with a message to link your Square merchant account.  If you do not already have an existing Square account, please contact Square directly to acquire one.


  • Do I need to immediately download the TotilPay Go app and switch over today?  We recommend you update to the TotilPay Go app as soon as possible to take advantage of new features and updates.


  • When will the Android version of TotilPay Go be available?  We are currently in an internal testing period and once we have successfully completed testing we will publish another announcement with its availability.     
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