How to Pair Your Chipper BT Card Reader with an iPad or iPhone

Follow the steps below to pair your Bluetooth card reader with your iOS device

  1. Press and hold the black power button on the side of your card reader to power it on.
  2. Login to the TotilPay Go app on your iOS device.
  3. Tap More.
  4. Tap Transaction.
  5. Tap Card Reader.
  6. Blue font indicates the currently selected reader type. Tap Chipper BT.
  7. Tap the Configure button to summon the Chipper BT pairing overlay.
    • This button is located in the top-right corner and looks like sliding switches.
  8. Tap the arrow on the right side of the Name field.
    • Your card reader's serial number will appear under Scanned Devices.
  9. Tap your reader's serial number to begin the pairing process.
    • When pairing is complete, a blue check will appear to the right of your reader's serial number and you will be taken back to the pairing overlay.
  10. Confirm your Bluetooth card reader's serial number now appears on the Name label.
  11. Tap Done.
  12. Confirm the colored dot in the upper-right corner of the reader type label is green.
    • A green dot indicates your Bluetooth card reader is paired and connected to your iOS device.
    • Tap the Information button to view important reader information, such as battery percentage and firmware version.
    • A red dot in the upper-right corner of the reader type label indicates no reader connected.


  • If the card reader is not used for more than 60 seconds the card reader automatically goes into the stand by mode (a slow blinking light indicates it's in stand- by mode) and if you open the TotilPay app on your device the card reader gets automatically paired with the TotilPay application (A solid green light indicates the card reader is paired). 
  • Also make sure you are not turning off the card reader manually. When you are not using the card reader after 5 minutes and the TotilPay application is either closed or is in background, the reader will turn off automatically (light will be be OFF) and when you wish to swipe a card, you'll just need to open the app and press the power button on card reader to power ON and it will be paired automatically.
  • Make sure that you have powered on the card reader first and then opened the application so that you do not have to pair the card reader every time and the reader will be paired automatically.


Need help pairing your reader? NDG Support is here to help! Please send an email to or call us at 888-377-7884.


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