How to Pair Your Woosim Bluetooth Printer with an Android

Follow the steps below to pair your Bluetooth printer with an Android

  1. Open the Settings app in your Android device.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Power on your Woosim Bluetooth printer (Press and hold the power button until the tritone beep)
  4. Refer to your Android's Bluetooth Settings and tap the device labeled Woosim.
  5. Your Woosim Bluetooth printer will print a Pairing Code. This Pairing Code will also appear in your Android device's Settings. (If you are instead asked for a PIN, use 1234, then skip to step 7)
  6. Confirm both Pairing Codes match, and then tap Pair in your Android device's Settings to start the pairing process. Immediately press and release the Feed button on your Bluetooth printer until it begins to feed paper. The Bluetooth lamp on your printer will light up when pairing is complete.
  7. If pairing fails, toggle Bluetooth off in your iOS device's Settings and then turn your Bluetooth printer off. Wait a few seconds before toggling Bluetooth back on in your iOS device's Settings, and then power your printer back on. Repeat Steps 1-6.

After successfully pairing your Woosim Bluetooth printer it will automatically reconnect to your Android device when powered on. If your printer does NOT reconnect when powered on, refer to the information below:

How to toggle the active Bluetooth profile from iOS to Android:

NOTE:  Your Bluetooth printer must not be connected to a paired device when toggling the printer's active Bluetooth profile. If necessary, turn Bluetooth off in your mobile device's Settings and restart your printer before toggling the active Bluetooth profile.

  1. Power your Bluetooth printer on
  2. Hold the Power and Feed buttons until a test receipt is printed. This may take several seconds.
  3. Release the Power and Feed buttons
  4. Refer to the test receipt. "MODE" indicates the active Bluetooth profile:
    • MODE = Bluetooth(iAP) - iOS (Apple)
    • MODE = Bluetooth - Android

Need help pairing your printer? NDG Support is here to help! Please send an email to or call us at 888-377-7884.

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