TotilPay Go - Troubleshooting wireless internet connection issues with Communication Tests

You need a wireless internet connection to install, activate, update, and process transactions with TotilPay Go. If you need to update TotilPay Go settings or can't connect to the internet, complete transactions, or get host and connection errors, you can use the information and troubleshooting steps below to help isolate and resolve your connectivity issue.

Wireless internet connectivity troubleshooting

  1. Force quit TotilPay Go, (iOS, Android) log back in, and then process your transaction.
  2. If your issue persists, restart your mobile device and then process your transaction.
  3. If your issue persists, use the steps below to run all 3 TotilPay Go Communication Tests.

Communication Tests

  1. Login to TotilPay Go
  2. Tap More
  3. In the Settings section, tap Communication
  4. Tap Communication Tests
  5. Tap Auth Server Comm Test
  6. Confirm test is Approved and tap Done
  7. Tap Issuer Comm Test
  8. Confirm test is Approved and tap Done
  9. Tap Issuer Sign On
  10. Confirm test is Approved and tap Done
  11. Run a live transaction to test your issue resolution.

Need more help? Email TotilPay Support or call 888-377-7884.

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