How to Pair Chipper 3X Bluetooth Card Reader with Android phone or tablet for TotilPay Go

1. Press and hold black POWER button on side of card reader to power it on.

2. Log in the TOTILPAY GO app on your Android phone or tablet.

3. Tap MORE in the lower-right corner of screen.

4. Scroll to top of screen and tap TRANSACTION.


a. Blue font indicates currently selected reader type.

b. Red dot indicates that reader type is not connected.

6. If not already selected (blue), tap CHIPPER BT CARD READER.

7. Tap GRAY ICON in top-right corner of screen (sliding switches).

8. Tap arrow on right side of NAME field.

a. Card reader’s serial number will appear under OTHER DEVICES.

9. Your device will scan for all available Bluetooth devices; if the first item that comes up does not begin with CHB then tap the GRAY REFRESH ARROW until CHB is found.

10. When your card reader is found, tap the SERIAL NUMBER.

11. Tap OK on the Pairing Request Screen to begin the pairing process.

12. Enter your BT Pairing Code.(Found on the back of reader above the serial number or listed on sticker on reader case)


a. Pairing is complete when the Firmware and Config versions are listed below the Device Name.


14. Confirm the dot next to card reader name is GREEN.

a. Green dot and INFORMATION (circled “i“) button indicates your card reader is paired and connected to your device.

b. Tap INFORMATION (circled “i“) button to view other information about your card reader, such as battery percentage and firmware version.

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