Can I use TotilPay on more than one mobile device?

You're unable to use TotilPay apps on multiple devices unless you have multiple licenses or subscriptions.

The TotilPay apps are a 1-to-1 program.* This means you can only use TotilPay on as many devices as you have licenses or subscriptions. For example, if you have 1 subscription, you can use the app on 1 device; if you have 2 subscriptions, you can use the app on 2 devices, and so on.

Fortunately, you can add a new terminal to your TotilPay account at any time. Please click here for more information about adding a processing terminal to your TotilPay account.

*Please note that you're unable to use the same TotilPay Activation Code to activate multiple devices.

More questions? Need help? Email TotilPay Support or call 1 (888) 377-7884.

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