How to Install and Activate TotilPay Go for iOS

How to install and activate the TotilPay Go app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, and pair your Bluetooth accessories

  1. If necessary, create a new TotilPay Go Activation Code.
  2. Download and install TotilPay Go for iOS.
  3. Activate TotilPay Go using your TotilPay account login and new TotilPay Go Activation Code.
  4. Square Only - Add your Square account to TotilPay Go and pair your Square reader
  5. Pair your Chipper BT card reader with an iPhone or iPad
  6. Pair your Woosim Bluetooth thermal receipt printer with an iPhone or iPad

Need help? Email TotilPay Support or call 888-377-7884.

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